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Firearm Transfers

We will transfer any firearm that you order online for a small fee. We would prefer that if you are looking at a firearm to give us an opportunity to give you a price before you start looking online.

If you transfer more than one firearm in a single transfer, we only charge an additional $5 for each additional firearm.

Some places we’ve worked with in the past:

  • Gun Broker
  • Palmetto State Armory

NFA Transfers

We offer a complete in-house option for buying or transferring any NFA item. If you buy your NFA item directly from us, there is no transfer fee! But if you want to transfer a NFA item through us from another dealer we will charge you a transfer fee.

What’s included when transferring a NFA item:

  • In-house finger printing (no need to go somewhere else to get fingerprinted)
  • In-house photography (no need to go get a passport photo somewhere else)
  • Submittal of all information needed electronically
  • We can even setup your gun trust in-house for a small fee

NFA Computer Setup

Gun Trust

We have teamed up with 199Trust to do a complete in-house setup of your gun trust. You supply us with all the information needed for the trust (trust info, trustees, beneficiaries) and within 24-hours you will have a gun trust e-mailed to you. All you have to do is get it witnessed and notarized and you are ready to use your trust to transfer your NFA items to.